ATLV 4300

ATLV 4300

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Replacing the wear items on your industrial floor cleaning equipment can get expensive quick. Save a ton without sacrificing quality with Cardinal Brush. If that isn't enough we can deliver replacement brushes and squeegees for all major sweeper/scrubber brands!

The quality of these replacement parts for scrubbers and sweepers is second to none—guaranteed. All products are manufactured to meet or exceed the OEM specifications, and each product is backed 100% against defects.

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    367693: Skirt, Front, Prematek fits Tennant Models ATLV 4300

    Squeegee fits the following Tennant models: ATLV 4300 Tennant Equivalent OEM Part Numbers: 367693 About Genuine PREMATEK Rubber Squeegee Blades Engineered from Natural Rubber using advanced technology to perform as good as or better than Linatex®...
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