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Greenteeth Buyers Guide


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greenteeth-spiral.gifRedefining what arborist industry professionals count on for over 20 years, Green Manufacturing's stump tooth, pocket and wheel systems offer the best solutions in the market. These products are designed to work smoother and faster, decreasing the time & energy spent on each stump. In the end this is is about keeping you productive and profitable on the jobsite.

Converting your exisiting stump grinder to Greenteeth is easier than ever and delivers a return on investment you can count on. Performance is never a one size fits all scenario. Every machine is different, and Greenteeth teeth and pockets are designed to maximize your exact stump grinder design.


While we still offer the original red & green series of Greenteeth®, we’ve improved on the original design with our Wearsharp™ teeth. Available in 700, 900 & 1100 series, the unique design of the Wearsharp™ allows the tooth to retain a sharp cutting surface while it’s cutting, unlike traditional teeth that tend to round over, which can cause the tooth to lose its cutting ability. With the Wearsharp™, you’ll get a more consistent cut throughout the life of the tooth, allowing
you to maintain a faster sweep speed.


Through extensive testing, we have found that, based on the size of the wheel & how it cuts, that slight variations in the design can improve performance of the tooth!

LoPro™ Series

Introduced in 2006, the LoPro™ series of pockets have a slim design that allows for a 3/4” clearance between the side of the pocket and the stump. This clearance prevents the pocket from rubbing against the stump, which reduces pocket wear and improves overall performance.

Available in 500, 700 & 900 series, every LoPro™ pocket is designed with a threaded & counterbored hole so that it can be placed on either side of the wheel.

Installation Instructions

LoPro™ Bolts

greenbolt.gifDesigned specifically to fit the angled shoulder of the LoPro™ pockets, these bolts have a smooth shank to reduce wheel wear, and an extraction slot for easy removal in the case of breakage.

1100 Series

For the largest machines on the market, we offer the 1100 series pockets. Available in a counter-bore & threaded version of each the angle, straight, & reverse pocket, we also carry a 3-hole version of these pockets.

Installation Instructions


Used only with the 1100 series pockets, the Greenbolt® has a smooth shank to reduce wheel wear, an external drive head for easy installation & removal. We also carry cap screws for those customers who prefer the allen drive.

Upgrade Your Stump Grinder Wheel To Greenteeth

For those customers that are looking for a boost in performance without investing in a new wheel, Green Manufacturing, Inc. now have performance upgrade kits that are designed to help you achieve optimal performance from your machine’s stock wheel. The Kit includes a new setup for your machine with the 900 series LoPro™ pockets & our Wearsharp™ teeth, along with a new wheel pattern. The new wheel pattern more efficiently cuts through the stump by using a larger tooth, as well as more of the tooth. With the new cutting pattern, about half of the carbide is cutting as opposed to only 1/3 with a traditional setup. For this reason, we offer Wearsharp™ teeth with a two-sided shank.