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Water Filtration

Fleetguard® Water Filtration Products 

fleetguardshoplogo.gifThe function of the coolant system in a diesel engine is to:

  • Absorb heat from engine components
  • Circulate coolant in the engine
  • Dissipate heat through the radiator
  • Control coolant temperature
  • Cool exhaust gas used for NOx control (EGR)

Coolant systems utilize a combination of coolant, supplemental coolant additives and filtration. Diesel engines have commonly
been equipped with at least a basic water filtration device, which filters the water/coolant solution in the coolant system.
However, several engine manufacturers have recently begun to remove water filters from the engine, despite the fact that it is
estimated that up to 40% of diesel engine repairs arise from problems beginning in the coolant system, and a large portion of
these problems could be prevented by the use of water filtration.

In addition, significant changes in global diesel emissions standards have driven even greater changes in coolant system
temperatures, operating conditions, chemistry, and flow rates, driving the need for even better filtration. General confusion
exists regarding water based coolants, glycol based coolants, and differing additive chemistries (such as Organic Acid
Technology (OAT), Hybrid, and Conventional). At the same time, extended service intervals versus more standard service
intervals have complicated coolant system maintenance and confused maintenance professionals around the world.