Cummins ReCon®

Cummins ReCon®

cumminsrecon-modern-small.jpgGenuine Cummins ReCon® parts provide you with a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, no-surprise solution that quickly puts your Cummins powered equipment back to work.

ReCon Parts Offer Savings After Approved Core Returns:

All ReCon parts sold through The Modern Shop include core charges. Contact us to arrange return of cores. Once items have been inspected and approved by Cummins we will credit you for the returned cores  

When Should You Consider ReCon?

  • Your engine block is damaged
  • You’re in need of an expensive repair
  • You’re experiencing chronic engine problems
  • You value warranty and total cost of ownership
  • You need to avoid downtime
  • You love your equipment
  • You want to improve resale value of equipment
  • You purchased a fixer upper

What are the Benefits?

  • Less downtime
  • A better standard warranty (ieentire engine covered vs. replaced parts/individual components)
  • Extended warranty options are available
  • Short block, long block and full engine ReCon options provide the potential to reuse some of your working system components
  • ReCon engines are dyno-tested
  • Adds value to your equipment
  • No cost-creep
  • Like-new performance and fuel economy
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