17-421SS: 16" Rotary Brush .070"/46 Grit fits Factory Cat Models 35, MicroMag 17-D, XR-34

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Rotary Brush fits the following Factory Cat models: 35, MicroMag 17-D, XR-34

Factory Cat Equivalent OEM Part Numbers: 17-421SS

Our brushes are sold individually, if your unit requires multiples please order the exact quantity needed.

About Grit Brush Fill Material

This Nylon filament is impregnated with silicon carbide grit particles. The two numbers designate the filament diameter and the grit particle size. The first number is the diameter and the larger the diameter, the stiffer the bristle. The second number is the particle size and, like sandpaper, the smaller the number, the more aggressive the scrubbing.

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